International Scholars - Forms and Handouts

The following forms may be used by current or newly invited international scholars of the University of California, Davis. All other use of the forms below will be discarded by SISS. If you have questions regarding the use of request forms, please contact our office at

H-1B Visa

Name of Form Description Rev.Date Download
Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status for H-4 Visa Applicants – Form I-539 This form must be completed by the H-1B’s principal dependent, listing any dependent children under age 21, for dependents who are already in the US and need to change or extend their status. This form must be included with the H-1B request packet. 5/16/2018 I-539 Form
Applying for an H-4 Visa Abroad for H-1B Dependents This handout gives information on applying for an H-4 visa for H-1B dependents who enter the US for the first time after the H-1B has already obtained H-1B status. 1/2014 H4 Visa Abroad
Extending a Driver’s License in California for H-1B and H-4 Visa Holders This handout will explain the requirements for extending a California Driver’s License when an H-1B or H-4 status is being extended. 1/2014 DMV Info for H Visas
General Information on H-4, TD and O-3 Dependent Status This handout provides general information on privileges and restrictions for activities on the H-4, TD and O-3 dependent statuses. 1/2014 General Dependent Info
H-1B Change or Departure Form This form should be submitted when the H-1B employee departs the US or continues employment at UC Davis in a new visa category, such as permanent resident. 1/2014 H-1B_Departure Change Form
H-1B Employee Personal Data Sheet This form should be submitted by all new H-1B employees and updated when any information on the form changes during employment. 1/2014 H-1B_Personal Data Sheet
H-1B Recapture Evidence Form This form should be used by all H-1B employees to track any travel outside the US and should be submitted with H-1B extension requests. 1/2014 H-1B_Recapture Evidence Form
Social Security Numbers and Employment Information for E-3, H-1B, TN and O-1 Visa Holders This handout gives information for E-3, H-1B, TN and O-1 visa holders on applying for a social security number in the US. 1/2014 Social Security Numbers Employment Info
Transcript and Degree Evaluation Services Handout This handout gives information on companies that provide transcript and degree evaluation services. 1/2014 Transcript Degree Evaluation Services
Travel and Visa Information for H-1B and H-4 Visa Holders This handout gives information on applying for a new H-1B or H-4 visa abroad after gaining H-1B or H-4 status in the US. 1/2014 Travel Information
H-4 Work Authorization Instructions Instructions on completion of the I-765 form. 5/2015 I-765 instructions

J-1 Scholars and J-2 Dependents

How to access eForms in iGlobal:

  1. Go to iGlobal LINK
  2. Click on “Limited Services” on the right
  3. Click on “E-mail me my Limited Access PIN” at the bottom of the page and your PIN will be sent to you from
  4. Log into iGlobal again and enter your date of birth, PIN and iGlobal ID number (the number you used to complete eForms for DS-2019 issuance)
  5. If you don’t remember your iGlobal ID number, e-mail
Name of Form Description Rev.Date Download
Health Insurance Requirements for J-1 Scholars and J-2 Dependents This handout explains the health insurance requirements for J-1 and J-2 visa holders in various employment and non-paid categories.  It includes a sample list of companies that offer independent health plans for international visitors in the US.
Information on Accessing an I-94 Online Record This handout provides a short explanation of how to access an I-94 record online, which also allows scholars to print the I-94 record from the website.
J-1 International Scholar Health Insurance Memo of Understanding All J-1 scholars must sign this “Health Insurance Memo of Understanding (MOU)” prior to arrival in the US and each time a request for extension of J-1 status is submitted.  The MOU is generally sent to scholars by their department contact but can also be accessed here.
Address and Contact Information Update Regulations governing the J-1 status require that SISS be notified of any change of US residential address for J-1 scholars within 10 days of the address change. It is also important to notify SISS of any change in phone number or email address. 
J-1 Scholar Departure Form All J-1 scholars sponsored by UC Davis should complete a departure form when completing their J-1 program at UC Davis and departing the University.
J-2 Dependent Early Departure Form All J-2 dependents who depart the US and do not intend to return prior to the end of the J-1 scholar's J-1 program end date should complete a departure form to report that they no longer intend to accompany the J-1 scholar. This form should be submitted to SISS at the time of departure. This will allow SISS to close the SEVIS J-2 record.
J-1 Scholar/J-2 Dependent DS-2019 Travel Signature Request Form All J-1 scholars and J-2 dependents must have a signature in the lower right portion of their DS-2019 if they plan to travel outside the US and return to UC Davis.  The signature is valid for 6 months.  The form includes instructions on how to receive the signature.
J-2 Dependent Employment Authorization Request This handout provides instructions for J-2 dependents on how to request employment authorization from the USCIS.
Request for DS-2019 for J-2 Dependents to Enter the U.S. Separately J-1 scholars who are already at UC Davis may use this form to request a DS-2019 document for dependents who are outside the US and will enter the US after the J-1 scholar has already arrived.
Tax Information for  J-1 Scholars Information for J-1 scholars who are employed by UC Davis

Forms and Handouts for E, O, and TN Visas

Name of Form Description Rev.Date Download
E3/O1/TN Scholar Personal Data Sheet

E-3, O-1 and TN scholars should complete this contact information sheet when they first arrive or whenever their contact information changes.  This allows SISS to track status expiration dates, and to email important information about changes in immigration regulations, or campus and community events.   When completed, the form can be sent by campus mail, sent by email or dropped off at SISS.

Form I-539: Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status Dependents of scholars using E-3, O-1 or TN status (spouses and children under age 21) who would like to change to, or extend, their dependent status, must use this immigration form to request the change to dependent status or extension of dependent status (i.e. E-3D, O-3 or TD status).   In general, SISS will submit this form (completed by a dependent) when a petition is submitted for E-3, O-1 or TN status.  Please contact SISS for more information.

General Scholar Handouts

Name of Form Description Rev.Date Download
Applying for a Social Security Number – International Scholars General information for all international scholars on steps to apply for a social security number.
English Language Courses and Resources General information on opportunities to improve English language speaking and writing.
Information on Accessing an I-94 Online Record Instructions on accessing the online I-94 arrival record for review and/or printing.  A printout is needed for employment, or to apply for a social security number or driver’s license.
Options for Dependents Who are Not Authorized to Work Information for dependents using E-3, H-4, J-2, O-3 or TD visa status. 
Postdoctoral Scholars Information about the definition and expectations for postdoctoral scholars at UC Davis.
Sample Invitation Letter Sample invitation letter template used to invite friends and family to visit the U.S. on a B-2 visitor visa.
Tax Support Services – All Scholars General information on tax resources and services for all international scholars.
Top 10 Tips for Identity Theft Protection General information on how to avoid “Identity Theft” (when someone gets access to your personal information and uses it to spend your money or commit other crimes using your identity).
Transcript and Degree Evaluation Services A sample list of private businesses that will provide transcript or degree evaluation reports for people who received their education outside the US and are instructed to get this document.