Programs for International Graduate & Professional Students

SISS offers events, programs, and opportunities for international students at UC Davis, including   mentorship, professional development, and more.

Mentorship:    First Friends Program

The First Friends Program is designed to help international, domestic, and undocumented graduate students integrate into the UC Davis campus community. The students who run the program, “the first frienders”, act as mentors and most importantly as friends to help new students excel in their transition process to UC Davis. 

Program Participants are also invited to participate in a variety of social events on campus. This program is open to all graduate and professional students at UC Davis.

Professional Development:    Certificate Seminar Series

Participate in weekly noontime seminars to learn about strategies for success in the American workplace and academic environment.

Topics include: conflict management, intercultural communication, and work life balance. Attend all workshops to receive a certificate of completion.

Limited seating available.  Registration required.

Interact with the Whole Campus Community

Connect with the broader international community on campus, consisting of domestic and international students, scholars, faculty, and staff who actively engage to create a global experience here at UC Davis. Connect with the community through a variety of fun programs below!

  • Global Engagement Mondays

    for Everyone Learn More

  • International Cafe

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  • International Friendship Program

    for Everyone Learn More