Express Mail/ Delivery Options

Options for Receiving Your I-20 or DS-2019 Document

When completing your request form for a document, select one of the delivery options below.  

Option 1: Send by Express mail using UEMS - eShipGlobal

UEMS - eShipGlobal For both international (3-5 days*) and domestic (1-3 days*) delivery. Pay with credit card. Includes tracking method. Choose this option for express mailing either using FedEx, DHL or UPS. You will need to create an account on the site (recommended browsers are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Foxfire) and pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards only).

  • To order the express mailing, you will need your UC Davis student ID number (nine digit number starting with 99.......), mailing address (a P.O. Box is not permitted), e-mail address, phone number and credit card information.
  • Some students will need to create a new account with UEMS (eShipGlobal) because they now require the email address to match iGlobal.
  • UEMS (eShipGlobal) will automatically attach your shipping labels to your document request in iGlobal.
  • Your order tracking and shipment information will only be available through UEMS - eShipGlobal. FedEx, DHL, and UPS will not have this information available from their websites.
  • If you have difficulties, UEMS - eShipGlobal's website has a Help page with step by step instructions. You can also e-mail your questions to:

Option 2: No mailing / prefer phone call to personally pick-up I-20/DS-2019 at SISS (option for local U.S. only)

Continuing students can request option 2.  The iGlobal request form will provide this option, if applicable. Provide name and birthdate of person authorized to pick up your document. You will be notified by email that your request has been processed and that your document is available for pick up-photo ID required.