How do I Request a Check with Kuali?

Instructions for Requesting a Check in Kuali

  1. In the Payee Lookup drop down menu for the Kuali Disbursement Voucher, use “IMM” for “Immigration Visa Fee Processing" for the Payment Reason Code.
  2. Enter Vendor # 183156, click search.
  3. Click on the return value for the “US Department of Homeland Security.”  This will populate the addresses for the various service centers.  Click the appropriate city and state under “US Department of Homeland Security,” based on the type of petition you are requesting.  Please see the chart below.
  4. Check the “Special Handling” box and enter instructions for mailing the check to your department in the Notes and Attachments Box. Be sure to have the check sent to your department, to be delivered to SISS.  These checks should never be sent directly to US Department of Homeland Security.
  5. In the “Special Handling” tab place a period (.) in the field Address 1: (Do not fill out the rest of the fields)
  6. For questions regarding using the Kuali system, please contact the Kuali Help Desk at 530-752-3855.
  7. For questions regarding the type of immigration petition that will be filed, please contact an international scholar advisor at SISS (530-752-0864, extension 0).

When using the Kuali system, please match the type of request with the correct US Department of Homeland Security address below, based on the type of petition you will be filing.

Petition Type Address to Select from Kuali Menu