Newly Admitted Students

Once you have been admitted, you will work with many departments on campus to meet all the requirements necessary to study here at UC Davis.  A few very important items are listed here to help get you started, but make sure to explore the entire Newly Admitted Student section to get all of the information you need as an international student for immigration purposes.  We suggest you start with our Pre-Arrival and Arrival Checklists.

Start Using Your UC Davis Email Address*

All students should begin checking their UC Davis email address regularly to avoid missing important information.  SISS helps international students with issues relating to their immigration status and will send email to your UC Davis email account.  In addition, other departments will send important information to your UC Davis email address.

*If you are not able to access your UC Davis email account, please consider one of these options:

  • Forward your email to an account you can access regularly.  Instructions for forwarding UC Davis email can be accessed here.
  • Try the UC Daivs LIbrary's off-campus connection service.
Forward UC Davis Email

Admission Requirements

Once you are admitted to the university, there are many requirements to complete before you begin your studies. 

  • Undergraduate students should log in to MyAdmissions regularly and check their UC Davis email to make sure they meet all of the post-admission/pre-arrival requirements.
  • Graduate students will work with their departments and Graduate Studies to fulfill all of their requirements.