Graduate Orientation - Fall Quarter 2018

When is my required SISS Orientation?

Welcome new Aggies! All international students are required to attend an SISS orientation session. These required orientation sessions may be a part of, or in addition to, your already scheduled orientation.

As a graduate student, you are required to attend the International Graduate Student Orientation (IGSO), which is Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) International Student Orientation and Graduate Studies Graduate Student Orientation.

About IGSO

International Graduate Student Orientation (IGSO) is a two-day event event hosted by SISS and Graduate Studies on September 14 and 17.

International students studying at UC Davis with a F-1 or J-1 visa are required to attend the IGSO session which explains important immigration regulations on September 14th and the general Graduate Student Orientation on September 17th which is designed to help you be a successful graduate student.


Questions about SISS/IGSO email: siss-orientation@ucdavis.eduGeneral questions about Orientation:

Register for SISS and Graduate Studies Orientation

Registration will be available during the summer. Registration for Graduate Studies Orientation can be found at

Graduate School of Management

The Graduate School of Managment will have their SISS Orientation at the Graduate School of Management as part of GSM orientation.

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IGSO Sample Schedule (Items May Change)

Day 1 Attendance mandatory. September 14, 2018, Room 1100 Social Science and Humanities Building
Time Session

& Breakfast Reception

Join SISS staff for coffee, tea, and light refreshments.


Welcome & Opening Remarks


Immigration 101

As an international student you are responsible for your F-1 or J-1 status. This workshop will provide you with an overview of U.S. immigration regulations pertaining to your student status.


Off-Campus Work Regulations

Learn about work authorization requirements pertainng to off-campus employment.


Accessing the basics

Learn how to get your immediate needs covered, plus useful hints on where to buy cheap, and how to find things around Davis easier. Q&A with a panel of experienced grad students.



Enjoy a complimentary lunch at the Memorial Union Coffee House with other international students!


Navigating the Health and Medical System in the US

An overview on how to get medical care while studying at UC Davis.


U.S. Culture

Understand the challenges of adapting to U.S. culture and how this can impact your academic, professional, and personal life.


Navigating Life in the U.S. for F2/J2: Spouses and Partners

The SISS student advising team explains important immigration and employment regulations for graduate student partners and spouses.

Day 2

September 17, 2018 - TBD