International Freshman Orientation - Fall Quarter 2017

When is my required SISS Orientation?

Welcome new Aggies! All international students are required to attend an SISS orientation session. These required orientation sessions may be a part of, or in addition to, your already scheduled orientation. Please refer to the chart below to determine which SISS orientation you will be attending.


(NOT Attending Summer Start)


(Attending Summer Start)

Sept. 19, 20, 21 & 22.

Aug. 11

International & National Orientation (INO)

Summer Start

Note: First-Year Orientation Program dates between July 9th and August 15th do not include a required SISS Orientation session for international students.

Click the 12X12 button to learn more about important immigration information and expectations for international students.

Sign up for International-National Orientation (INO)

International Freshman should attend the International-National Orientation (INO) to become familiarized with campus, but should also plan on attending a mandatory SISS session. INO includes this mandatory SISS Orientation session; but for those who will not be attending INO, you are required to come to the SISS Make-Up Orientation on Monday September 25th.

Click here to be redirected to the International-National Orientation homepage.

Extended Orientation

All freshman and transfer F-1 students are required to take an online extended orientation class. You be will emailed instructions about how to register. You must successfully complete all extended orientation modules to receive a continued attendance I-20, which is required for you to maintain good F-1 status and to travel outside the United States during the following year. 

Stay Updated*

Make sure you are able to access your UC Davis email (serviced by Google) and check it regularly.
*If you are not able to access your UC Davis email account, please consider one of these options:

  • Forward your email to an account you can access regularly.  Instructions for forwarding UC Davis email can be accessed here.
  • Try the UC Davis Library's off-campus connection service.

Get Your Aggie Card

Plan to pick up your University ID (Aggie Card) at 253 Memorial Union prior to orientation for faster check-in.

When to Arrive

All students coming to the U.S. to study on an I-20 or DS-2019 can enter the United States up to 30 days before their start date for their program listed on these documents.  We strongly recommend that students take advantage of this early arrival option so that they have enough time to recover from jetlag, become familiar with the campus and community, and finalize their housing before attending mandatory SISS Check-In and SISS Orientation.

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