Department Roles & Responsibilities

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Host departments play an important role in the successful integration of international scholars into the UC Davis community. Before inviting an international scholar to UC Davis, review the typical visa classifications that one encounters in an academic setting.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind 

  • The purpose behind each visa classification;
  • The term length associated with each classification;
  • The associated funding requirements (source and amount);
  • The UC Davis internal policies regarding which visa classifications are eligible to support which UC Davis job title; and
  • The payment source and method requirements established by UC Davis for various job titles.

SISS also works closely with International House Davis to address the needs of international scholars and their families while they are at UC Davis.

SISS Recharge Rates 

Please review the Current Recharge Rates for International Scholar Visas before transfer of any funds. It is university policy that SISS recharge fees (with the exception of the J-1 visa category) cannot be paid by the international scholar and must be paid by the department. If you have questions, please contact SISS