International Student Lifecycle

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Programs, Services and Activities for International Undergraduate Students

 In June 2016, an interdisciplinary task force was assembled to identify services, programs and activities specifically for, or targeted to international undergraduate students across UC Davis in order to map the international undergraduate student lifecycle from arrival through post-departure and provide a resource for campus partners, prospective students and families.

Project goals and objectives were to:

  • Find the gaps in academic and programmatic support;
  • Create new programming as necessary;
  • Coordinate program development and service delivery;
  • Communicate across colleges, schools, and departments, and; 
  • Assess the longitudinal success of international undergraduate students.

Data Collection 

Individuals from across campus were surveyed, including: college international academic advisors, Development and Alumni Relations, Global Affairs, Student Affairs, UC Davis Extension, Undergraduate Education, and the UC Davis Police Department.

Fifty-one responses were gathered related to questions about:

  • Type of service / program / activity 
  • Name and description of service / program / activity 
  • Target audience 
  • Number of individuals served annually
  • Frequency 
  • Method for determining need
  • Partners
  • Challenges
  • Areas for improvement


The chart below maps the international student lifecycle from arrival through post-departure. The areas identified focus on the international education best practices researched and benchmarked by the task force and are categorized by academic year, type of intervention and academic / support units providing the intervention. 

chart of international activities

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