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After arriving in Davis, you may want to open a local account with a bank or credit union.  A local account will give you access to Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) on campus and around Davis (locations) and prevent you from having to carry large amounts of cash.  Also, landlords and property management companies often require a written check for paying rent on an apartment or house.  This is easier to do when you have a local checking account. Please note that wire transfer fees can become very expensive at most American banks and that it takes a few days to access the funds transferred.

ATM Withdrawals and Money Exchange

  • Exchanging money can become very expensive with interest rates or fees. It may be less expensive to directly withdraw money from a United States ATM to avoid some of the fees.
  • Let your bank know that you will be using your ATM card in the United States.
  • Find out if your home bank allows you to withdraw money using foreign (U.S.) ATMs and what fees will be charged for foreign ATM withdrawals.
  • Keep in mind that not all U.S. banks accept foreign ATM cards.

Banking in Davis

The banks and credit unions in Davis have experience in working with international students and scholars. When opening up a new account, international students and scholars will generally need documentation that proves their identity and residence in the local area, such as their passport and a lease agreement or utility bill.  

The Davis Wiki explains the difference between a bank and a credit union and maintains a list of the options available in the area.