blue couch against white wall

Housing 101: Where to Get Furniture

When you're renting a house or apartment, it's important to be aware that different types of housing offer different levels of furnishing:

  • Most apartments do offer basic kitchen appliances (stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator)
  • Most apartments do not offer furniture like a bed or couch (unless it is advertised as "fully-furnished")
  • Most apartments do not have clothes washers and dryers in the apartment so it is important to know if these are on the premises or if you will have to travel to do your laundry. 

Private homes generally offer at least a bed, desk and dresser/closet in your room, and you will have some access to shared furnishings (television, kitchen appliances, couch, clothes washer, etc.).   However, each situation can be different and it is important to get all the information on what is included before making an agreement with any type of housing situation.

International students and scholars can purchase cheap furniture at area stores or browse one of the various thrift stores in the area that sell inexpensive used furniture.

There are companies that rent furniture (search for “furniture rentals”), as well as moving vans.  Finally, SISS offers an email list on which many international students and scholars, as well as landlords, post information about apartments for rent, items for sale, etc.  New international students and scholars can often purchase what they need from departing international students and scholars at very reasonable prices.