SISS E-mail Lists

SISS maintains two e-mail lists that are sent out to subscribers every Friday. 

  1. The Visitor Bulletin provides information on upcoming events that may be of interest to students and scholars. 
  2. The SISS Bulletin provides listings of items for sale, available housing, and other related items. Please note: SISS offers this bulletin as a convenience to interested parties and makes no warranties or assurances as to the quality of the items of services described in this posting, the quality of the transactions, or the reliability of the purchasers.

How to Subscribe to E-mail Lists

Choose the list you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to and click the link.  You will be asked for your email address.

How to Add Items or Events to the E-mail Lists

If you have items to add to these lists, email by Friday at 9:00am. Only items sent to will be included.

  • Your Subject line should tell which list you want your item to be included on:
    • Event
    • For Sale
    • Housing
  • Do not send any pictures. 
  • Only the body of your email will be included.  Make sure to include contact information in your description.
  • The list is generally sent out every Friday and will include items received before 9:00am.
  • If you wish your item to be included in the list for more than one week, you MUST resend the information each week.