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Submit Your Brief Message to Fall 2020 International Graduates

SISS issues a call to the UC Davis community to participate in a special message of congratulations to graduating international students—all from the comfort of your own home. Help us bid au revioradiosauf wiedersehen, 再見yasou, ਅਲਵਿਦਾdo widzenia to these fall 2020 graduates by celebrating their achievements!

Students, faculty, staff, and parents, please use your cellphone to record a brief 10-second video of congratulations and support for international graduates. You are welcome and encouraged to record your message in a language other than English if you are multilingual. Submit your video using the links below by November 13, 2020, for consideration as part of a video of celebration as we honor the hard work and perseverance of our UC Davis international students.

Submit your video

Tips for recording your message:

  • Keep your video to a maximum of 10 seconds
  • Use a horizontal orientation if possible
  • Record in a quiet spot
  • Find natural lighting in your home or yard—do not stand in direct sunlight
  • Wear your Aggie gear
  • Hold your phone at about arm’s length or slightly closer than arm’s length (like you’re taking a selfie)
  • Speak in your normal speaking voice

Please note, all images and messages uploaded will be reviewed by administrators and should adhere to the UC Davis Principles of Community.

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