Coronavirus Information and Resources for UC Davis International Students and Scholars

We continue to follow the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and monitor situations on campus and around the world. Your wellbeing and educational experience are our prioritiesSee the updates and resourcesThe UC Davis International Center is currently closed, but we are still here to help: please email your SISS advisor directly with questions or to set up a remote appointment. Find your advisor listed on our Contact Us page.

Your Rights When Engaging in Protests and Demonstrations

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There may be a number of questions about the rights of international students and scholars who participate in protests or other political gatherings, particularly right now in response to the news about the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota.  

In the United States, freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. There is extensive information about the rights of UC Davis students, including international students, to express their opinions and beliefs at

As detailed in the Student Expression website, you have the right to express your opinions and beliefs and participate in protests. However, civil disobedience is not protected speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution. The Constitution does not guarantee any right to engage in civil disobedience—which, by its very definition, involves the violation of laws or regulations—without incurring consequences. If you engage in civil disobedience or other unlawful activity and are arrested by the police, this could jeopardize your visa and your ability to stay in the United States. 

About Services for International Students and Scholars

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