Employment provisions for the visa categories that are most often encountered at UC Davis are:

Foreign nationals who may be employed as a condition of admission to the U.S. in the specific visa classification include:

  • F-1 academic students for up to 50% on-campus employment at the school they have permission to attend
  • H-1B, TN and O-1 temporary workers for the authorized position with the petitioning employer
  • J-1 exchange visitors for the authorized activity

USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) employment authorization is required for the following classifications:

  • F-1 academic students for off-campus employment
  • E-3 alien spouses or dependents of Australian professional workers
  • J-2 alien spouses or dependents of exchange visitors

Employment is not possible for these classifications:

  • B-1 visitors for business
  • B-2 visitors for pleasure
  • F-2 dependents of F-1 students
  • H-4 dependents of H-1B temporary workers
  • J-2 dependents with no USCIS work authorization
  • O-3 dependents of O-1 workers
  • TD dependents of TN NAFTA professionals
  • WB visa waiver visitors for business
  • WT visa waiver visitors for pleasure

UC Davis department staff who are in charge of employment verification eligibility should consult  PPS How Do I...Process a New Hire?