General Tax Information

If you missed the tax workshop on March 17, 2021, or want to revisit what was discussed, download the PowerPoint presentation, view the step-by-step example of a 540NR form, view the frequently asked questions, and find links to helpful resources.


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all international students and scholars to file taxes. According to the requirements of the IRS (a federal government agency), all international students and scholars should plan to declare their income (or lack of income) to the federal government every year by filing a tax return.

At the beginning of each year, you might receive documents by mail or by electronic means that are used to calculate any tax responsibility you may have for earnings during the previous calendar year. You will need to determine and file any taxes during a specific calendar year (January-December).

According to the IRS, filing a tax report (usually referred to as filing a 'tax return') is required. Students or scholars may also be subject to the regulations of other jurisdictions, including other states and other nations. For information on who should file a Federal tax return see the IRS webpage on Taxation of Nonresident Aliens.

SISS cannot provide formal tax advice and no information on this site may be considered formal tax advice. Consult a qualified tax professional if needed.

How SISS Can Help

SISS staff are not allowed to advise on tax matters because it is against the law to give tax advice unless a person has received the proper training. Taxes can be confusing, even for those who have lived in the U.S. for a long time. SISS provides access to tax software and trained tax professionals through GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) which we hope will be helpful to you as you complete your IRS tax reporting requirement.

SISS offers complimentary access to tax preparation assistance only on Federal taxes. It is your decision whether to use this service or to find your own resources. If you choose to finish your federal tax return on GTP, based on the information entered into GTP, you will have the opportunity to click on a link to continue on to Sprintax for assistance in preparing a state tax return. You are responsible for any applicable fees through Sprintax.

GLACIER Tax Prep is the tax resource SISS has arranged to help international students and scholars affiliated with UC Davis with their tax reporting requirement. Most students and scholars can successfully complete their tax reporting requirement using GLACIER Tax Prep. You are NOT REQUIRED to use GLACIER Tax Prep, it is just one option available to you.

GLACIER Tax Prep is a web-based tax preparation software program designed exclusively for international students, scholars, and their dependents identified as nonresident aliens for tax purposes in the U.S. during any time in the previous calendar year.

This software becomes available each year in mid- to late-February allows you to:

  • Get step-by-step instructions in completing your tax return
  • Determine the correct tax forms you need to fill out
  • Complete your tax return from abroad if necessary
  • Get information on fellowships and tax treaties
  • Get information on printing and mailing tax forms
  • Get technical and tax support from GLACIER Tax Prep
  • Complete your Federal tax return at NO COST to eligible international students and scholars