Financial Resources


Financial resources provide general information about banking (how to set-up a bank account, how to transfer money from your home country to the U.S. and how to use ATMs) and taxes in the U.S. (who has to file taxes, how to file taxes, and who you can ask for assistance).


After arriving in Davis, you may want to open a local account with a bank or credit union.  A local account will give you access to Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) on campus and around Davis and prevent you from having to carry large amounts of cash.

Tax Filing Resources


The tax system in the US is very complex and, in the case of California, involves filing both a Federal Tax Return and a California State Tax return each year by April 15th.  Many Americans find the system difficult to navigate so they decide to hire a tax accountant to assist in filing an accurate and complete tax return.

General Tax Information


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all international students and scholars to file taxes. According to the requirements of the IRS (a federal government agency), all international students and scholars should plan to declare their income (or lack of income) to the federal government every year by filing a tax return.